Natural Yeast Doughnuts: Whole Wheat & Honey Sweet

Doughnuts natural yeast whole wheat cover| via

It is against the nature of a doughnut to be healthy, but these Natural Yeast Doughnuts are as close as you can get! Properly treated grains, naturally leavened and lightly sweetened with honey, combine with yogurt and potatoes to bring you a mouthwatering old-world delight bursting with goodness. Weekend mornings will never be the same… 

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Natural Yeast Bread Recipe for Beginners

Natural Yeast Bread Recipe|via

So you’ve survived the sometimes brutal initiation process of bringing your own little natural yeast ecosystem to life. Hooray for you! Now that you have this lovely yeast bubbling happily away in your jar, what do you DO with it? How do you bake with natural yeast? Let’s start with the fundamentals, then put what… 

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Beyond Basics With Natural Yeast: Video Book Tour

Hello folks! Tomorrow is the release for my new book Beyond Basics With Natural Yeast and I am so excited! As part of my launch “party” I am going to provide a short tour of the new book to show you just what you can expect when you order YOUR new copy! I also hope to… 

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