You Are Not a Lemon

the bread geek you are not a lemon There’s something about a new year that gives us the motivation to dust off the failures of  years past (or last week…) and try again. Overstuffed holiday refrigerators and hectic holiday schedules have caused the demise of many starters. Maybe yours! Don’t worry. Even if Old Yeasty didn’t make it this round, it’s a new year, and a fresh chance to try again.

Not sure if you can give it another go? I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes when our failures add up, it’s easy to see ourselves as the source of the problem. It’s hard not to feel like a failure when it seems that “failing”with your bread is the only thing you can do consistently. Let me be the first to tell you that you are NOT a failure.You are amazing! You are learning a life skill cultivated over thousands of years! If the Egyptians could figure it out, you can too. You CAN figure this out, and you WILL.

I believe in you.

Do you feel pumped up? (YES!) Are you ready to try again? (YES!) Then let’s start off the new year right. Let’s dust off those natural yeast cookbooks and jump back in with both feet, and all ten fingers. I’d request brain cells too but they are probably a little the worse-for-wear after the holidays.  We’ll let them straggle along behind us as we plow ahead. 🙂

To finish up, here are some wise words from an email I received recently:

“I just wanted to write a quick thank you.  My sister-in-law introduced me to natural yeast about 6 months ago and I love it. I’ve had my ups and downs, but thankfully a lot of ups.I’d been trying to turn out a decent loaf of 100% freshly ground whole wheat for years.  I wanted to figure out how to feed my family from food storage.  Trying several different methods… we learned how to eat bricks.  In trying to comfort me, my husband even tried to convince me that maybe the light loaves we are used to are a modern invention and aren’t traditional bread at all.  I gave up for a while, figuring I would just make flat-bread and pita-bread, I got fairly decent at those.Then I tried the natural yeast method.  It had never occurred to me that I was using the wrong yeast!  Thanks to your book I now understand that the problem wasn’t me, it was the yeast.  I am happy to say that I understand now that Heavenly Father made me as capable as every other woman in history, I am NOT a lemon. 🙂Thank You”

What have been your shining natural yeast moments? What kept you going when failure seemed inevitable?


  1. Jean says

    About four years ago, I had learned to make a great loaf of wholewheat bread using potato flakes and extra gluten, but eating it gave me heartburn and a stomach ache. Then I received a tablespoon of natural starter in a baggie at one of your classes. I was so hopeful that this was the answer to my quest for nutritious bread that I was obsessed with my baggie full of dreams. Soon, it was growing nicely in my refrigerator and, after a short learning curve, was producing nice loaves of wholewheat bread that tasted good and didn’t make me sick. I have expanded my bread-making abilities to include several different kinds of bread–some from your first cookbook, some from my own ideas, and now some from your new cookbook. I spread my bread around to everyone I can think of, always with an explanation of its health benefits. THANK YOU Melissa for the secret to making bread for life and enjoyment.

    • thebreadgeek says

      Sarah I’m so glad to hear about your success (even the brick was a success since it helped you appreciate the good stuff!). Thanks for sharing your post, I’ll share it on my facebook page!

  2. Sandy says

    I just made the Quick and Easy Waffles from your new book and the kids devoured them!!! Yay!!! Thank you Bread Geek 🙂

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