Natural Yeast Baking: Tips for the Holidays

natural yeast holiday baking We are coming up on the holiday season, and it is time to start planning for the next 2 months of munching. If you’re baking with Natural Yeast and Whole Grains, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind. I put together a little video for you, as well as a summary of what was covered.

Natural Yeast Holiday Baking Tips:

  1. Get Your Starter Healthy NOW. At the beginning of November, pay extra careful attention to the “happiness” of your starter to make sure it is ready to perform on the big day. For help with that, read THIS post.
  2. Figure Out How Much Starter: Make a list of EVERYTHING you will serve that uses natural yeast. Pancakes? Muffins? Gravy? Stuffing? Rolls? You Need Take a running total of the starter amount, add an extra cup or two in case of do-overs, and start growing out your starter!
  3. Eat It Hot! All baked goods, (and whole-grain, naturally yeasted goods especially) taste best when eaten as close to baking time as possible. Cook as many things as you can ahead of time, but not the bread!
  4. Make Whole Wheat Rolls Smaller. Whole grains fill you up faster. One year I made giant, delicious rolls that went half to waste because nobody could finish them!
  5. Don’t Be A Wanna-Be: Your whole wheat, naturally leavened rolls are never going to be the same as Grandma’s white flour, commercially-yeasted rolls. This is a good thing. A VERY good thing. So don’t compete. Let your rolls be their own brand of awesome.
  6. Be Allergy Aware: Ask around. Making food that can be enjoyed by everyone at the table may take a little extra planning, but it is a wonderful gift to the person who usually misses out on what fills everyone else’s plates.

The second half of the video goes through the new cookbook and some of the delicious holiday recipes that will make your guests feel like the VIP crowd they are, without going to VIP effort. Enjoy and happy prepping!

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