Beyond Basics With Natural Yeast: Video Book Tour

Hello folks! Tomorrow is the release for my new book Beyond Basics With Natural YeastΒ and I am so excited! As part of my launch “party” I am going to provide a short tour of the new book to show you just what you can expect when you order YOUR new copy! I also hope to be joined by Erika Smith, one of the contest winners and contributors to this awesome book.

Beyond Basics With Natural Yeast


  1. says

    Hallo, Hallo!

    Now I understand what happened: YouTube went *live!* for this book launch at 9:30pm instead of 10pm (NYC/EST). I tweeted you wondering if there was an issue with the feed, but now I realise it is not meant to start until after 10pm! I will try to catch the opening bit live but I might come in on it just after it gets underway! I am looking forward to seeing this tonight as I am going to be on your blog tour! Such a happy discovery to find a *live!* book launch after discovering your book & your website for the first time this weekend!

    I’ll be tweeting you!


  2. Karen says

    Congratulations on the book! I’ve had it pre-ordered from (I think) the first day it was available, and the wait has been killing me!! I was so happy that Amazon was my friend and delivered it to me today. I’ve already read though 90% of it, but I do have a question for you. I must have the 1st edition of your first book, because it has the info in it on warming up the starter, and so I’ve been doing that for a couple of years. I have really struggled with my starter because it’s happy and bubbly at room temperature, but then I put it in the fridge and it goes to sleep. I haven’t had any luck at all making any kind of decent bread using the refrigerated starter. I always have to give it a warm-up and feed it a couple of times at room temp before it’s happy enough to raise a loaf of bread. SO— I’m gathering from your book that I must have room-temp-happy yeast. My question is… can I make it into refrigerator yeast, or do I need to start completely over?? Will he ever be happy in the fridge? I just can’t feed the little guy twice a day to keep him happy at room temp. Anyway, I’m so excited to try some of the recipes in this new book! The carrot cake waffles might be first on my list. πŸ™‚ You did a great job!

    • thebreadgeek says

      No need to start over! I suggest taking some of your happy starter and transferring it to a new jar. Leave that jar in the fridge, and only take it out for feeding. Follow the keys to success through a powerfeeding cycle, and within one or two cycles it should be bubbling and ready to go. Continue with your current starter until your fridge-adjusted starter is ready to go. Let me know if you need any additional help!

      • Karen says

        I forgot to say thank you for this advice! I followed your suggestion, and my fridge starter seems like it’s working. I’ve used it for a couple of things already (the Granola Bar cookies were great!). I am looking forward to baking an actual loaf of bread with it, but trying to be patient. πŸ™‚ BTW, I was the one who called in to Caleb’s teleseminar and told you that I had made 3 things on the first day I had your cookbook. Still loving it!! I’ve been working on natural yeast for two years with on and off success, but I feel like I’ve really turned a corner lately. It really does just take time to get used to working with it. The “Too Big to Fail” modern ego bit hit close to home. Haha! New skills take time to master!

  3. DeRae says

    I’ve been anxiously waiting for your new cook book. Where else might I buy this book. And where and when are your personal appearances? The natural yeast has been a blessing for me and my family.

    • thebreadgeek says

      Thank you so much for sharing that with me! Right now if you do not live near a costco, deseret book, or barnes and noble that carries it, Amazon is a great place to purchase.

  4. Valerie Torres says

    Hi Melissa,

    I love your first book, thank you for all the work you’ve done to give us great recipes! I have one big question. I have made many of your recipes successfully but I cannot figure out how to make the bread with bread flour? You mention the importance of milling your own flour, so do you make your own bread flour or buy it? I cannot find this answer in the book, I was wondering if you cover it in this next book or if you can please tell me how to acquire the bread flour?

    Please help, I am so excited to make the wonderful breads you have in your book!!

    Valerie πŸ™‚

    • thebreadgeek says

      Valerie thanks for the question! By bread flour, I had meant hard white or red wheat, as opposed to soft wheat, which is pastry flour. I will have to remember to clarify that for the next printing of the book. Thanks!

      • Lynn says

        Thank you very much for clarifying this, I too wondered about whole wheat bread flour listed in recipes from your first book. I have been very familiar with many different kinds of flours through the years and had never seen it, so I went searching online, but could not find anything.

  5. macy says

    Hi, Melissa
    May i know if the ‘Beyond Basics’ book covers how to grow and feed starters? including making yeast water? I only recently started breadmaking and am interested in baking with natural yeast. Thanks!

    Macy (from Singapore)

    • thebreadgeek says

      Hi Macy from Singapore! I am so happy to hear you are getting started on your journey. Beyond Basics does a summary of care and feeding instructions, but does not include the chart that helps with growing. However, you can send away for free starter flakes to (my coauthor from the first book) and he will mail you flakes and instructions. If you haven’t read the first book, there is information there that you might find helpful, however I do think that once you have your starter going following the instructions in the flake packet, you should be able to use the information in Beyond Basics to keep it going.

  6. Rich says

    I have a starter question I have not been able to find an answer to. My starter has developed a white powder on top. The smell is a bit off but after I scoop it off, air it out, add more water and flour and stir it, it looks and smells better. Then a day or two later the powder comes back. Is it salvageable?


    • thebreadgeek says

      Well I am intrigued! Is it powder or a greyish goop? I would love a photo! go to my facebook (the bread geek) and send a photo to me in a message!

      • Rich says

        Sorry I don’t have Facebook or photos. It succumbed to the scum. It became fuzzy and smelled worse so I tossed it. My other starter I scraped and added more water and flour again. If the white comes back I’ll take a picture.

  7. April says

    I got the book! So excited! I really enjoyed the essays, especially the one about corn. When the family is no longer sick I will start trying recipes, but I already read it cover to cover. The one recipe I was hoping for but didn’t find was tortillas. I have my own recipe, but was hoping to see your take on it.

    One question I have is for recipes like the macaroni and cheese and using it as a thickener in soups. If I make the mac and cheese ahead of time and reheat, will that give the yeast time to work magic and make the noodles less difficult to digest and more…better? πŸ™‚ Or say I make my homemade chicken noodle soup and opt to use pre-packaged noodles but thicken with the starter instead of cornstarch. Does that improve the nutritional value of the noodles? I hope that question makes sense.

  8. Julie Martin says

    Hi Melissa,

    I’ve had your “Beyond the Basics…” for two weeks now. I have made the Pumpkin Pancakes twice with buttercup squash (that I grew) and they were wonderful both times. I got adventurous yesterday and made the Spelt Crackers–what fun and also my new favorite cracker. In fact, because I’ve eaten so many they may have to be renamed “Evil Cracked Pepper Spelt Crackers” in my house.


  9. Deanna says

    I ordered both your cookbooks and am very excited to bake with natural yeast, but I emailed the person to get a yeast sample that you had mentioned in a post but haven’t heard anything back ? It’s been several weeks

  10. Cherri Gullickson says

    I just watched an entire seminar on you tube and am hooked. I WANT to make a natural starter, where can I get one or how do I start one. The information was so informative, I took 4 pages of notes while watching them back to back. Am appalled that I have been giving my kids whole wheat without the natural yeast. Three of my eight children are super sensitive to wheat. This would be great for them to eat it without problems. Thank you.

    • thebreadgeek says

      Cherri I am so glad you enjoyed the information. I would definitely start with reading the first cookbook The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast. It is available in many libraries and on Amazon. You can get starter flakes by emailing and requesting flakes, or if you live in Utah I can suggest some places to get live starter.

      • Judy Casper says

        Hi Melissa!

        My husband gave me the BEST Valentine’s Day gift ever! You second book! I love it…! I need some live yeast and live in Utah, as you know. I wanted to know also, if there are people you know in Utah who make N.L. bread or waffles who might be interested in selling to me, especially when I am too sick with lung issues to do it myself (not contagious). I need to gain strength and health from eating this again so I am able to bake with it independently and use both cook books!

        • thebreadgeek says

          Hi Judy! I know we talked about this the other day but I wanted to answer your question here as well for other readers. You can get starter in Utah County from the Alpine Clinic in Lehi. It was so nice to talk to you again!

  11. Camille Dermatis says

    Hi, made the vegan chocolate chip minis out of the Beyond Basics book. Very Tasty. Every time I make them some of the pecans get like rock hard bullets in my food processor. Do you know why this is?


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