Interesting Topic: GMOs and Gluten Intolerance?

Ok as many of you who follow my blog know, wheat is not a GMO product….yet. The article I am sharing with you here today presents some interesting ideas about the possibility of non-wheat GMO products in our diet and their impact on intestinal health. The idea is that the havoc wrecked on our GI track as a result of consuming a diet high in GMO products can exacerbate or open the door to other gut-related problems, like Celiac Disease.

While I am not fully “on the bandwagon” with this idea yet, I am definitely an interested by-stander. I would be interested to see more research done in this area. 

The article is provided by the Institute for Responsible Technology and can be accessed here:

It is not very long, so take a second to glance it over if you have one!

Love, The Bread Geek

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