Ending Cruelty to Grains

Don’t worry, Bread Geek though I am, I’m not going to be starting a new society for the protection of grains. But remember those [annoying] phrases your mom would recite over and over and over and over…?

“You reap what you sow”
“What goes around, comes around”
“What you give is what you get”

As always, Mom was right. Well here’s another phrase from your Bread Geek Mama to add to your aresenal:

“Be kind to your grains, and your grains will be kind to you.”

Why, you ask? Here is a great excerpt from an article I came across today on the Weston A. Price Foundation website that illustrates this point in relation to the grains we eat
(Read the full article HERE):

“Bread can be the staff of life, but modern technology has turned our bread—even our whole grain bread—into a poison. Grains are laced with pesticides during the growing season and in storage; they are milled at high temperatures so that their fatty acids turn rancid. Rancidity increases when milled flours are stored for long periods of time, particularly in open bins. The bran and germ are often removed and sold separately, when Mother Nature intended that they be eaten together with the carbohydrate portion; they’re baked as quick rise breads so that antinutrients remain; synthetic vitamins and an unabsorbable form of iron added to white flour can cause numerous imbalances; dough conditioners, stabilizers, preservatives and other additives add insult to injury.”

The wording is strong, but not untrue. It’s a hard pill to swallow. It is never easy to face the consequences of over-indulgence (like those despised post-holiday pounds), and now more than ever when the consequences are growing more serious by the day. 

But guess what? We don’t need to panic. All is not lost. It isn’t too late to return to the grain-wisdom of centuries (millenia) past. You can do it!

Baking with natural yeast is a step on this path to ending grain cruelty :). We enter into the school of caring about the food we eat, and investing ourselves in the nourishing of our bodies. Remember, though that every school has many doors, and many classrooms. There is so much to learn. 
That is the most exciting part!  Millions of people with fewer resources have built the foundation, and the sky’s the limit. You can do it!

Let’s be kind to ourselves by being “kind” to our food. It’s good grain Karma 🙂

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