Shaping and Scoring Batards: Video Tutorial

I love shaping my bread in different ways, even when baking a standard “sandwich” loaf. It makes my family feel special, and turns something mundane into something beautiful and out-of-the-ordinary. A great way to beautify your bread is to shape it into a “batard.” these are the oblong loaves you see in bakeries a lot. I found this very helpful video on shaping batards, and while it moves a little quickly, after a few views you should be able to pull this off at home.

Notice also that they are using a special, large piece of fabric for separating the loaves during proofing. You do not need to have this exact thing. If you have a large kitchen towel (without the kind of terry-cloth texturing you would find in a bath towel), or a large peice of sturdy fabric, this will work just as well. All you need to do is make sure the fabric isn’t so thin that the dough will dry out, and make sure to generously flour your fabric to prevent the dough from sticking.

Have fun!
(Parental Advisory: there is a swear word in the beginning of this video, someone makes a joke of adding an “s” to “batard”)

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