Science Fair Starters

So my starter has been a little more acidic lately than I am happy with, but I didn’t realize how acidic until I made pancakes today. 
When I added the baking soda to my pancakes (I always add it in last) the whole thing bubbled up like a 5th grade volcano science fair experiment.  It didnt escape the bowl, but when I turned back around and saw it all bubbled up and frothing, it totally weirded me out.  This has never happened before.

 I got to thinking that my starter had been a little past “feeding” time, and there had been some of that darkish liquid on top we’ve talked about before.  That liquid contains acetic acid (vinegar) which is one of the byproducts of the lactobacilli feeding on the wheat.  So essentially, I had just poured a teaspoon of baking soda into a liquid containing a fair amount of homemade vinegar.  You should have seen me, I was totally geeking out. 

What had been less than 2 cups of batter, now 4 cups of bubbly froth.
After stirring down a bit, still over 2 cups, and still very bubbly

Stirring down the foam

The pancakes still turned out delicious, and were gobbled up by the geeklings, but now I am left with the task of de-acidifying (totally not a word) my starter so I can use it predictably for all my classes I’m doing for the launch.  Looks like it’s time for the Bread Geek to hit the books!

If your starter looks like a science fair project, or does something strange and unexpected, send me a picture and we’ll have our own science fair!


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