Spelt Sourdough, Delicious but not for Celiacs

Well, my spelt starter did a great job this morning at making an absolutely mouth-watering loaf of spelt bread. 
P1130322The trick now is to get it to rise a little higher so the crumb can be a little more airy, but that will come with time. 
The downer was that after a little more research, I found out that while spelt is friendly to many of those who suffer from gluten-intolerances, it does not qualify as gluten-free.  You learn new things every day.  Darn.  Both spelt and kamut (both used in my last recipe) are cousins to wheat that are significantly more friendly but still related.  A person with Celiac’s could still have a reaction to this bread.  It does seem that there are many cases of people with celiac’s being able to eat spelt and kamut without problems, but the Celiac Sprue Association warns those who suffer with the disease to stay clear of these grains.
My options for absolute gluten-free baking are rice flour, sorghum flour, amaranth flour, and a few others.  Doesn’t it just seem like as soon as you’ve reached the peak of one mountain, you find there’s another one right behind it? 
Sooooo, now my challenge is to create a rice flour starter (isn’t this getting crazy???) and pick up some sorghum flour at the store.  All this experimenting is wearing me out Smile


  1. Abbie Palenske says

    I am just curious if you have ever tried some of the other ancient forms of wheat (such as emmer or einkorn) in your natural yeast raised breads. If you have, did they turn out well?

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