Gluten-Free: Round 2, bread & answers

I did another session of gluten-free baking this week, and these loaves turned out even better than the first.  I got the bread to rise higher, and the crumb was so moist and fluffy. 
This week will be more gluten-free testing.  I had run out of yogurt, so I couldn’t experiment with a soak last week, but I picked some up yesterday and hopefully will be giving that a try tonight.  My other goal for this week is to do some preliminary experiments with my spelt starter.  I don’t see much activity with it, but I can smell the yeast building in the slurry.  It would just be sooooo cool if I can get this to work! Fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed, everything crossed! 
Some of you may be wondering why I bother at all with gluten-free baking when no one in my household has gluten intolerances. My first answer is a beauty pageant answer- “Because I want to make the world a better place for people who suffer.”  Can’t you just picture me waving a spray-tanned hand and smiling through overly-bleached teeth?  I know, it sounds so cheesy, but it’s true. 
I LOVE sourdough.  I love naturally healthy food.  People with intolerances deserve to eat this amazing goodness too!. 
My second reason is that our bodies were not designed to eat only one grain all the time.  Once upon a time America was as culturally diverse in it’s grains as in it’s people.  Nowadays we tend to circle around wheat like it’s the only grain besides oatmeal ever created.  This mentality is another reason that people are developing intolerances to wheat at such an alarming rate.  We never give our guts a chance to recover from breaking down wheat day in and day out. 
Don’t have gluten intolerances? Don’t want one?  Then gluten-free baking is your preventative medicine.  You’ll be amazed how delicious the grass (grains) are on the other side of the fence!


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    Hi Bread Geek,
    I love your view that we were designed to eat more than one grain. I have been working with gluten free bread for some years now, making bread with sourdough and also making bread with bakers yeast. My sourdough cultures are all cultures I made with gluten free flours and water. I also make short and long ferment gluten free bread with bakers yeast. The long ferment are very similar to the sourdough bread. I make some lovely free form loaves. All my recipes make dough, not batter. My blog is at:
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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