Bread for the Gluten-Intolerant

Disclaimer:  After writing this post, I did some further investigation and found out that both Kamut and Spelt grains are not gluten-free, and not recommended for those with Celiac’s.  That said, my gluten-intolerant guinea-pigs (aka, my brothers girlfriend and friends) had no allergic response to this bread.  Take it as you will, but the Celiac’s association does not recommend testing these grains in your diet without a doctor’s supervision if you have been diagnosed with Celiac’s. 

Thanks to my brother for this great picture he took in his kitchen of my latest bread experiment

My brother’s girlfriend was just tested for gluten intolerance, and failed.  Miserably.  Like, on a scale of 1-10, she scored a 45.  Yowza.  I recently found a couple of recipes that I wanted to try, and this challenge gave me the perfect excuse.
So, I made the recipe from Brandon’s website, and gave my first wheat free bread a whirl.  I didn’t know what to expect as far as height and “fluffiness” was concerned, but the flavor was beautiful.  The geeklings and I ate a whole loaf fresh out of the oven all by ourselves. The bread was similar to a banana bread as far as height goes, but was slightly more airy and had a spongier crumb. 
Brandon’s recipe does not call for a soak, but even non-wheat grains are still grains (oatmeal  is especially high in phytic acid) and should be soaked.  To add a soaker to the recipe I would cut the yeast by 1/2 (maybe even down to 1/4 the original amount) and allow the dough to rise overnight before a shaping and final rise in the pan.
Joe’s girlfriend loved the bread, and they could not stop raving about it.  I think she was just so excited to be eating bread again and not have it taste like “cardboard sprinkled with dirt” (as she describes commercial gluten-free bread). 
I hadn’t considered wheat-free recipes for my cookbook, but I think I am going to go to the Bosch store and buy some spelt grains so I can convert a part of my starter to a spelt start.  Then I can start making recipes for naturally-leavened, wheat-free bread.  The the possibilities for health benefits are mind-blowing! Smile  Yeah, I’m geekin’ out over here!

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