You Win Some, You Lose Some…

So baking this week was a mixture of joy and frustration.  While I used Gale to successfully bake this:

 The newborn rocked my world (in a bad way) by dishing out these medium-density, super-tangy, goitered loaves. 

A waste of a few hours and 11 cups of flour.  Grrr.  Plus it is still really bothering me that I haven’t found a way to bring back my oven spring.  Soooooo I finally bit the bullet and went and bought some probiotics.  I’m going to see if that truly is the golden key. 

In the meantime, I’m searching for balance in the universe of the wild yeasts, trying to find a fool-proof way to keep this consistent (the fool being myself).  I emailed a family friend who makes perfect (perfect!) loaves with her starter every day to see what pearls of wisdom she might roll my way. 

In other news, I named the newborn.  Her name (yes, we finally have a female in the family) is Bree.  As in Bree Tanner, the newborn vampire in Eclipse.  Sweet and young yet unstable as they come.  Depending on her performance, she may not make it to the family sidebar so I’m not getting attached to this one.  (Can you tell I’m disgruntled about the goiters??)

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