surviving thanksgiving

Surviving Thanksgiving

With so much going on this time of year it is easy to put off planning for Thanksgiving until it is too late to make or even buy the things we decide we want on our holiday table. I have been a self-afflicted victim of this situation far too many times. This year, I’m on… 

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November Food Saver Giveaway!

  We have some FoodSaver tips and giveaway today! Have you been wanting a FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealer? Well, today is a sponsored post by FoodSaver® and we are so grateful to be able to share this giveaway with our readers! You can use FoodSaver bags, FoodSaver containers and mason jars to preserve your food for… 

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natural yeast holiday baking

Natural Yeast Baking: Tips for the Holidays

We are coming up on the holiday season, and it is time to start planning for the next 2 months of munching. If you’re baking with Natural Yeast and Whole Grains, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind. I put together a little video for you, as well as a summary of… 

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naturally yeasted beirocks

“German” Beirocks

A few weeks ago, I stopped at a Farmer’s Market bakery stand advertising their delicious “Beirocks.”  Intrigued by a bread pastry I had never heard before, I bought one. Delicious is right! Beirocks are a sort of stuffed hand-pie filled with meat, cheese, and sauerkraut. Local legend goes that German Mennonite immigrants brought the tradition… 

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Cox’s Honey Giveaway: Christmas In October!

Cox Honey has generously donated a beautiful basket to help you get your christmas shopping done early this year. And what a gift! Merry Christmas Coxs Honey Giveaway The holidays are right around the corner so what better way than to have Coxs Honey involved in a giveaway again! This giveaway is a little different…. 

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