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Natural Yeast: 3 Critical Keys to Success

Keeping a natural yeast starter can be tricky. There is so much to learn that success or even progress can  seem out of reach. While starter needs vary from kitchen to kitchen and starter to starter, I have found that there are a few elements that never change. These 3 critical keys to success are the… 

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Natural Yeast Doughnuts: Whole Wheat & Honey Sweet

It is against the nature of a doughnut to be healthy, but these Natural Yeast Doughnuts are as close as you can get! Properly treated grains, naturally leavened and lightly sweetened with honey, combine with yogurt and potatoes to bring you a mouthwatering old-world delight bursting with goodness. Weekend mornings will never be the same… 

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How to Make Natural Yeast From Scratch

You’ve heard of Natural Yeast, read about the health benefits, and want to jump on board. But where to get some starter? While it is possible to mail away for starter flakes, or scout for people in your area with fresh live starter, learning to make natural yeast from scratch is a fantastic skill to… 

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Bake Bread Without an Oven: 12 Ways!

If you think you need an oven to bake bread, think again! If you have heat, you can eat. Recognizing this simple fact can open up a world of possibilities for sustainable living and emergency preparation. Beyond that, learning to bake bread without an oven can be a lifesaver in hot climates when the idea… 

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Natural Yeast Bread Recipe for Beginners

So you’ve survived the sometimes brutal initiation process of bringing your own little natural yeast ecosystem to life. Hooray for you! Now that you have this lovely yeast bubbling happily away in your jar, what do you DO with it? How do you bake with natural yeast? Let’s start with the fundamentals, then put what… 

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