Natural Yeast Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread: Naturally Yeasted and So Easy!

Need yet another great excuse to whip up some naturally yeasted dough? Who can say no to the piping-hot stickiness of Monkey Bread? When I was little my mom would often make Monkey Bread for her six little monkeys. Given how much I adored this buttery treat as a child, I was so pleased when… 

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Baking better kids

14 Ways Baking Builds Better Kids

Baking has given our family many gifts, and not all of them can be counted in calories.Who knew I would watch my kids become better people by baking? Today the kids and I were on a bike ride home from swimming lessons and stopped to chat with an elderly neighbor whose back surgery has done little… 

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3 Ways Gluten Free Will Save You

Gluten Free Revolution: Why YOU Should Buy Gluten-Free

I know what you’re thinking. I can see the incredulous look on your face through your monitor, and it says “Has she lost her mind?” The answer is No. Despite the title of this post, I am functioning at perfectly normal levels of partial-insanity.  So what then is The Bread Geek, lover and defender of… 

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picmonkey yogurtbread-11

Yogurt Bread: Baking Healthy with Commercial Yeast

        If you’ve read my book The Art of Baking With Natural Yeast, you know that not all whole wheat baking is good for you. If you haven’t read my book, let’s just summarize and say that for 6,000 years people made wheat bread by fermentation (natural yeast) FOR A REASON. The reason wasn’t that it… 

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kids food snail bites hotdog recipe

Snail Bites

So we moved last week. Sunday was the baby’s birthday, and my kitchen was mostly boxed and bubble-wrapped in the garage. The kid is obsessed with the movie Turbo (about a turbo-charged racing snail) and while he was going to get a pretty raw deal as far as birthdays go, I had to do something…. 

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