Sun Oven Giveaway!

With two giveaways running this week, who knows where the fun will end? Most of you already know about the Sun Oven and how awesome it is, so it hardly needs an introduction, but for those of you who don’t, just check out the info below to become a believer. Good luck! Using a sun… 

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All American Pressure Canner Giveaway!

Apples are upon us folks, and if you haven’t already worn yourselves out canning veggies and peaches, then this last sprint can do the job! Now in my kitchen I only dehydrate, because I am a klutz when it comes to canning and won’t even attempt it unsupervised. It is not my gift :).  For… 

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natural yeast brioche buns

Natural Yeast Brioche Dough

Even though summer is fading along with our tans, I want to share with you my favorite BBQ-season bread recipe. I’m talking about my new go-to hotdog and hamburger bun recipe. Oh yeah. Brioche is the french name for the light and fluffy bread result of eggs and butter in bread dough. Pillowy is the word that… 

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Thermal Cooker Giveaway!

Only a few weeks left in this month of many giveaways, and this week won’t disappoint! We have an awesome free thermal cooker that will save money and energy in any kitchen! With the holidays fast approaching having an energy-saving option that frees up the oven is a definite plus! It is possible to make… 

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Another Cox Honey Giveaway!

Folks seriously this has got to be Christmas in October. My amazing friend Linda at Food Storage Moms has outdone herself working out all these amazing giveaways to take us into the holidays with a bang. This giveaway is a one-day event, and another giveaway following for next week! Thank you Linda! (This giveaway goes… 

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