12 ways to bake bread without an oven| via www.TheBreadGeek.com

Bake Bread Without an Oven: 12 Ways!

If you think you need an oven to bake bread, think again! If you have heat, you can eat. Recognizing this simple fact can open up a world of possibilities for sustainable living and emergency preparation. Beyond that, learning to bake bread without an oven can be a lifesaver in hot climates when the idea… 

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Natural Yeast Bread Recipe|via www.TheBreadGeek.com

Natural Yeast Bread Recipe for Beginners

So you’ve survived the sometimes brutal initiation process of bringing your own little natural yeast ecosystem to life. Hooray for you! Now that you have this lovely yeast bubbling happily away in your jar, what do you DO with it? How do you bake with natural yeast? Let’s start with the fundamentals, then put what… 

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Natural Yeast Emergency Prep| via www.TheBreadGeek.com

Natural Yeast Emergency Prep: The Pioneer Way

So you don’t have your natural yeast emergency prep plan … yet. It may sound silly, but it’s a question I get all the time: “If I’m keeping my natural yeast starter in the refrigerator, what happens when I lose power in an emergency?”My answer is simple. Don’t panic.That bubbly wheat-goo in your jar is… 

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Football Beirocks Big Game| via www.TheBreadGeek.com

Football Beirocks for the Big Game

Football Beirocks are going to be the true MVP’s of your game day celebration buffet. What hungry, energetic crowd could pass up a hand-held pocket of meat, cheese and sauerkraut all wrapped up in a delicious and filling pastry? My goal with these tasty treats is to be able to get them onto plates (or… 

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healing natural yeast starter powerfeeding

Healing Your Starter: Powerfeeding

Powerfeeding is probably one of the most important/useful posts on this blog. No matter how proficient you get at keeping a starter, you will never outgrow this technique. I never recommend techniques that I do not use myself, and powerfeeding is a well-worn tool in my belt. Life happens. Kids, work, pets, holidays, lazy days(…weeks…months),… 

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