Food Additives

Food Additive Oversight: An Interview You Don’t Want To Miss

I listen to NPR a LOT. Mostly I hang out there for the food. Yep, you heard me right. Some of the most fascinating food science research I have come across has been from guests/scientists interviewed on NPR. Such was the case today. Only today was both fascinating and wildly infuriating at the same time…. 

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Food: The #2 Cause of Death in America

Food is the #2 cause of death in America. Let that sink in a minute. Food in the US kills more people each year than alcohol, cars, guns, drugs, and AIDS. COMBINED. My husband shared this nifty little chart with me this week during his studies for his PA program. It shows the difference between… 

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Beyond Basics With Natural Yeast

Beyond Basics With Natural Yeast: Video Book Tour

Hello folks! Tomorrow is the release for my new book Beyond Basics With Natural Yeast and I am so excited! As part of my launch “party” I am going to provide a short tour of the new book to show you just what you can expect when you order YOUR new copy! I also hope to… 

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Baking with Flax: Tips, Tricks, & Is It Dangerous? (video post)

Flax Seed has been lauded for its nutritional benefits since the time of Hippocrates in 650 B.C., but the gluten-free movement has brought more attention to this tiny seed than ever before. With so many recipes calling for flax in various forms, and questions about the best way to integrate it into baking, I thought it was… 

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Live Video: Baking With Flax- Tips, Tricks, and Is It Dangerous?

Hello there everyone! I am about to embark into new waters this week, with my first Live Google Hangout On Air. I’m hoping that this will be a new medium I can use for answering the questions you have and getting you the information you need. If things go well tomorrow, you’ll be seeing new… 

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